American idol fame singer Clay Aiken has claimed in the recent issue of PEOPLE magazine that he is indeed a gay, as been rumoured for a very long time.

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“It was the first decision I made as a father,” Aiken, 29, tells. “I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn’t raised that way, and I’m not going to raise a child to do that.”

The news came on the heel of another one when the guy had a baby boy with his producer, Jaymes Foster, who had to artificially inseminate herself with Aiken’s seed!

Clay said the reason behind his confession was because he just couldn’t raise a child, while hiding things to everyone all along. He also said sorry to all his fans and said that it’s their decision to stay with him or leave.

It’s interesting that he rarely questioned the rumours about his sexual orientation. This is what he said in a n interview to Associated press two years back:

“I don’t really feel like I have anybody to answer to but myself and God and the people I love.”

The guy came into the limelight after finishing as the runner-up in the American Idol, 2003 season. He recently released a CD called “On My Way Here” and is working on a Broadway play “Monty Python’s Spamalot” these days.

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Photo Source: PR Photos