Super-hit movie and Aamir Khan’s directorial venture ‘Taare Zameen Par‘ has been selected as the official Indian entry to the Oscars. The movie has been applauded by almost everyone, barring any controversy to it’s selection.

taare zameen par

The announcement was made by Suniel Darshan, head of the Indian Film Federation jury in Mumbai yesterday.

“I am very happy that Taare Zameen Par has been selected to represent India at an international forum. I hope it will create a very strong impact on the members. I do not know if the film will be nominated in the top five films. But I am hoping that it will be liked by the members there. I am happy that the film will showcase Indian cinema to the world,” said an overwhelmed Aamir.

It must be noted that this is the third time, Aamir Khan has contributed to an Indian Oscar entry. His first movie was ‘Lagaan‘, produced by him only. The movie was tipped to win the coveted ‘Best Foreign Film’ award but could only make it to the nominations. The second movie was ‘Rang De Basanti‘, in which Aamir played the lead role and his performance led the whole nation to think about an issue in our society.

But, of course, it’s the audiences that he really cares about and not the jury. “I make a film for the audiences who spend their money to see the film. If the audiences like the film, it is the biggest award for me. As far as the international forums such as the Oscars are concerned, they are secondary for me.”

Taare Zameen Par broke almost all the records after it’s release in November, last year, because of it’s beautiful presentation of the issues concerning a dyslexic child.

Aamir is currently shooting for ‘3 Idiots‘ with Kareena Kapoor in Ladakh.

Photos: Rediff