While everyone expected Trishala Dutt, Sanjay Dutt’s daughter to join Bollywood, the truth is that the girl will be joining detective agency FBI after she completes her major in Criminal Justice.

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“She wants to join the FBI,” informs Dutt, “Just the other day I was speaking with her on the phone, and she told me, dad, I have this corpse in front of me, with a bullet in the head. It looks like a 44 caliber. It blew my mind off,” laughs Sanjay.

Well, this is quite a choice considering that she could have entered the Indian film industry pretty easily. But then, if dad’s happy then why should one care?

“People ask me if I feel bad that Trishala is not a part of Bollywood or even vaguely interested in it. Why should I feel bad about it? I’m happy she isn’t a part of this industry, and is in fact happy doing what she wants to do!” states Baba.

Trishala is the first child of Sanjay from his wife Richa Sharma and has been in New York almost all her life. While pursuing the degree from Cuny John Jay College of Criminal Justice, she has also been very active in the New York modelling scene. It’s been reported earlier she was even offered some good Hollywood movie roles but Trishala decided to pass on.

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Photos: Pinkvilla, Radiosargam