When Harry Baweja finished filming Love Story 2050, everyone was skeptical about it’s performance. It is the case with Goldie Behl’s new movie ‘Drona‘, which is said to be a mix of both traditional and modern superpower heroes and special effects. The film has indeed generated a lot of hype with the inclusion of Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra in the cast, but it’s success has few takers.


This is Dhoom on horses, the Arabian nights twisted with Martini, and Sindbad the sailor on a jet ski!

Drona‘ is a story of a guy, Aditya, who is forced upon a long journey to find his true heroic powers which were bestowed over him since his birth and save a magic ratna in the meanwhile. The story is being compared to a mix of Indiana Jones and Harry Potter but Goldie insists that the movie will change the perception of people towards Bollywood.

“I would put this film under the coming-of-age genre of Indian mainstream cinema.”

The director-cum-producer is making his first movie after almost seven years. In my opinion the chemistry between Abhishek and Priyanka will the one to watch out for. Even the casting of Kay Kay Menon as a villain, is quite a bit interesting. And of course, then there is a item song by none other than Rakhi Sawant!

drona 2

Going by the promos, Priyanka is looking extremely good and she has made the bandanas almost a cult fashion statement before the release only. I must say, the costume designer has done quite a good job here.

Interesting tit-bits:

– ‘Drona‘ will feature traditional Indian martial arts for the first time in detail, so you can have a break from all those Jackie Chan movies.
– The movie will have the most expensive villain ever in Bollywood. Priced at Rs.200m, Kay Kay Menon owns a real castle in nondescript areas of Prague.
– The sword-fighting scenes have been carried out by the same guys who did the job in Troy.
– ‘Drona‘ has been filmed in such variety of areas which the most stupid explorer won’t include in his itinerary. The locations include all the way from Prague in Europe to Bikaner in Rajasthan and Namibia in Africa!
– If successful, Abhishek will be given the credit to save the Universe! It looks like some Hindi comic story.

Anyways, it is certainly not one of those, which you can just rubbish off in one look. Goldi and his crew has done some great job in making the movie and since he is the husband of Sonali Bendre, who was my favourite actress in yesteryears… I think, I will actually go to see the movie in a theater when it will release on October 2, 2008.

And… ya, one more thing, the movie also cast Jaya Bachchan in the role of a queen (I guess, as Abhi’s mother) so, if you are over 40, you’ve got one more reason to watch the movie!

You can check out the other details at their official website.

More pictures and an exclusive video below.

drona 3 drona 4 drona 5 drona 6

Photo Source: Sify, Rediff, Eros