Bollywood actress Mahima Choudhury had wowed many in her days in the industry but is staying low these days with no movies coming out, after she got married.

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In my opinion she’s one of the best people to work in Bollywood and her movies used to be great with those natural Indian beauty looks and sweet voice.

These days, Mahima is travelling with the Formula One Johnny Walker racing team for promotional stuff to seven cities. the tour also took her away from home on her birthday this week. But, she has no qualms. Talk about racing, and there she goes.

“I used to be a big fan of Michael Schumacher. I always admire men with great consistency and I think Schumy is the best.”

It is also learnt that Mahima will be going to Singapore on 26th of this month for the race. As she explains:

“The race will be held at night as Singapore does not have a racing track. So once the shops are closed for the day, the streets will be readied for the race.”

She was recently spotted in Los Angeles for the Indian Independence Mela 2008.

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Photo Source: DesiClub