The movie you’ve all been waiting for, the movie which is pretty unique in all aspects of the Indian cinema…. Rock On has arrived, and with a bang!

rock on

Rock On is movie that surprisingly, not based on music but on how the music binds a group of friends. I just came out of the show and I must tell you… it’s a must watch.

Farhan Akhtar has proved again that he’s not just a director but an actor also along with a musician. The flow of the story doesn’t get disturbed by the intermittent flashbacks and is beautifully filmed in a zoomed view.

“For most part, “Rock On” wears a golden hue and is beautifully shot, making it pleasing to the eye as well. In fact, all the visual elements are good-looking. The rock concert sequences are recreated convincingly, credit for which also goes to the cast which lives its roles rather skillfully.”

Besides the good casting and fabulous costume designing, the music of the movie is it’s true USP. All the tracks are so energized that you actually feel you’re in a rock concert. The due credit must be given to Shankar, Ahsaan and Loy for their work.

While Purab Kholi, Luke Kenny and Farhan Akhtar had their first show as actors, Arjun Rampaal was his usual best. I would like to take a note of the performance by TV actress Prachi Desai who looks absolutely stunning in the movie as a caring wife.

Overall, it was a good show and I’m glad to watch a nice movie after a long time.

For full cast and the story, head over to here.

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Photo Source: Bollywood Hungama