Bollywood’s original ‘Dreamgirl’ Hema Malini is pretty furious with pop star Sherlyn Chopra’s new music video Dard-e-Sherlyn which is said to be a tribute to Hema’s Dard from Das numbari.

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Sherlyn Chopra

Hema, who was in Delhi recently, hit out at Sherlyn for mis-using her name.

She said, “It’s (the video) very hot, haan? My God, I don’t even know why she’s (Sherlyn’s) linking me with a hot-hot thing. She’s trying to change her image maybe with my name. If she’s doing this, poor thing, I wish her success, for all those who see nudity will be happy. But my name is Hema Malini and that won’t change for anything.”

But Sherlyn’s publicist had a different view.

He explains, “See, Sherlyn made this video as a ‘tribute’ to Hemaji’s “Dard”. Hemaji ki ‘Dus Numbri’ 1976 mein release hui thi. Unka dard uss zamaane ka tha. Sherlyn ka dard iss zamaane ka hai, jo ki har naujawan ko hota hai. Hum sab jaante hain ki yeh dard thoda sa emotional hota hai, aur thoda sa sexual bhi.”

Eveyone knows Sherlyn has a reputation of being very ‘outrageous’ after the success of her some initial music albums. The lady was even refused to take part in the ‘Bigg Boss’ reality show after she was demanding a cool Rs.3 crore for the show.

While Dard video is doing pretty good these, it will only be a matter of a few days to see what stance Hema Malini will be taking.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Sherlyn Chopra ‘Dard’ Video

Photo Source: Bollywood Hungama