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Britney Spears is pregnant again, as reported by some people today, and music producer JR Rotem is said to be the father of Britney’s third child.

The news has apparently been confirmed by In Touch Weekly Magazine, which said that Britney emailed a copy of her ultrasound scan to friends on November 14, confiding that she was just over four weeks pregnant.

Now this is a big news in the wake of Britney loosing custody of her children to Kevin Federline.

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What’s more.. she was said to be having an affair with Rotem just after her break-up with Kevin.
Can’t this girl take a break for a change! It will only add to her unstable life considering her recent music album leaks, rehab visits and crappy music show performances apart from her personal problems.

Anyways.. about the guy.. J. R. Rotem is an American record producer who has produced tracks for artists and groups such as Destiny’s Child, Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg among others. He is rumored to be featured on Extra TV’s, Americas Most Eligible Bachelors.

In a way good for Britney.. after so many unsuccessful relationships with wrong men, everytime… finally she found one of the ‘most eligible bachelors’!!