Move over cricket and hockey, the latest bug to bite our Bollywood film-makers is certainly boxing!


India’s first individual boxing medal, earned by Vijender Singh has provided a big boost to the film industry which has recently been facing a dearth of good ideas. The old rule says that if it’s hot, it’s gold!

While Hollywood has celebrated the dangerous sport in a variety of movies like Rocky and Raging Bull, Bollywood has been shying away from it till now.

Mithun Chakraborty’s Boxer was the first one to hit the screens. Then Sohail Khan wasa seen in Aryan and the latest one was Apne, with Dharmendra gearing up in boxing gloves with his two bad boys.

I’m sure… very soon we can expect a new film on the theme.

The greatest one could be Salman against SRK??

Photo source: parinda