Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is the highest paid female TV show host right now after she was reportedly offered Rs.10 crores for the popular show Bigg Boss 2.

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Shilpa Shetty Is The Highest Paid

This surely is a huge amount but I’m sure her male co-stars must be getting a whole lot more.

Anyways, though Shilpa is doing pretty good on the show, others have been in some or the other controversy ever since they are in the house.

Reports are that Monica Bedi’s entry into the house will be probed by the piolice after she was extradited from Portugal with don Abu Salem and underworld is said to be behind getting her in.

There are also people who have been protesting and even suing the organizers of the show because they weren’t allowed to get in. They include Faisal Khan, actor Aamir Khan’s brother and a politician Ramdas athawale, who is bringing up the caste and creed issue over the matter.

Even Shilpa has been accused by item girl Rakhi Sawant of keeping people out of the Bigg Boss house.

“Rakhi is a very sweet girl and a nice person,” says Shilpa. “I know she’s known for being loud and outspoken, but why does she have to take a dig at me when she doesn’t even know. I’m only the host of the show. I don’t decide who’s in the house and who’s out. That is for the channel and the organisers of the show to decide.”

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Photo source: The Bollywood Zone