Sweet-looking actress Amrita Rao is the latest one to do an item number in a Bollywood movie. And guess what?? The director of the movie is none other than the legendary Shyam Benegal.

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Amrita Rao Is An Item Girl

Shyam is making a movie, Welcome To Sajjanpur with Shreyas Talpade, who plays the role of a letter-writer in a village.

Amrita is doing an item number, a part of a dream sequence in the movie.

This came to me as quite a surprise. Just look at her previous roles! She has always been portrayed as the sweet girl-next-door and I think it suits her the best. Doing an item number must be quite a task for her.

Anyways, the actress, who debuted in Ab Ke Baras, has been featured on the cover of Verve this month.

So, how come Shyam Benegal is doing a comedy this time after almost 25 years since his last one?

“Drama is easy. Making people cry is like opening a faucet. But making people laugh is very difficult,” he answers.

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