Ram Gopal Varma has been in the news lately for the unique ways he has figured out for the publicity of his latest movie Phoonk. Well, saying ‘unique’ would be an over-statement, considering his tactics have been exploited before also, but ya… not on such a high level.

Phoonk: Scared Of Black Magic?

The guy is giving out Rs.5 lacs to anyone who would dare to watch ‘Phoonk‘ alone in a theater. While he tells everyone not to take the task easily, I have seen many people eagerly willing to bet on it, given the amount of prize money.

“To sit in a large empty dark theater let alone a horror film even a normal film can be a scary experience especially if you are sitting in the middle of theater you will develop a nagging feeling that someone or something is behind your back.”

Personally, I don’t think it’s such a daunting task, given that I’ve seen the trailers. The movie is based on black magic and not ghosts, as predicted by many people.

And according to Ramu, it’s something that you don’t believe in, until you experience it yourself.

So, you ready to take the challenge?? Read about other people, who are willing to, on Ramu’s blog.

Phoonk Trailer

Photo Source: Bollywood Hungama