So, here we are into our second week of ‘celeb quotes’.
It’s amazing.. you can keep posting such things over and over every week… because celebrities keep saying crazy things to be in the news and we get to gossip about it!!

John 1 2

“Strange? You think No Smoking is strange? Today’s audience is so intelligent.

They know what they want. Give them time.

They’ll warm up to the kind of cinema I’m trying to do.”

John Abraham defends his film No Smoking

Mahima Choudhary

“I was always very close to children and animals, as they are so dependant on you.

Now after having my own child, the change that has come in me is that I have stopped thinking about myself – I keep thinking about my daughter all the time.”

Mahima Choudhary on motherhood

Nana Patekar

“Initially, I was very reluctant.

I even told my director that my voice is only suited to give playback to buffaloes.”

Nana Patekar
on his singing stint for the film Horn Ok Pleassss…

“I don’t think much about Saawariya, I saw it and I didn’t like it.

Saawariya is a flop, and we should leave it at that.

And if it could have had is one basic ingredient called ‘script’ and a better screen play there would’ve been some chance of its survival.

Sajid Khan
on Bhansali’s Saawariya


“When you go abroad and especially to festivals, you do get a chance to network and meet some very interesting people.

But I’m not the type to come back home and claim that I’m going to Hollywood.

Frankly there has been no development for me as far as Hollywood is concerned.”

Sameera Reddy on her Hollywood plans