Today, I brought to you all the fitness secrets from your favorite stars that you always wanted to know!

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Sameera Reddy

sameera reddy

“I start my day with 20 minutes of yoga where I do stretching exercises that make the body supple. This is followed either by my Kathak riyaz or working out at the gym in the evening where I do circuit training or simply an hour of swimming.”

Malaika Khan

Malaika Khan

“I try to go to the gym at least thrice a week for an hour-and-a-half. My form of exercising varies from kick-boxing to aerobics to hip-hop which ensures that I exercise different body parts each time.”

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal

“I don’t follow any regime, nor do I stick to any particular routine. But for at least four to five days in a week, I do some form of exercise, which could be weight-training, running, swimming or karate which I learnt a year ago.”

Amrita Arora


“Everyday, for at least 40 minutes I do free-hand training which could be anything from a hundred sit-ups, walking, to long-distance running. Twice a week, I go to the gym. But what my body really takes to is dancing. It’s something I really love and I find it the best way to keep in shape.”

Photo Source: Bollywood Hungama