Meet Ishmeet Singh, the Voice of India who died in a tragic accident See his photos, biography and his videos here.

Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh

He was the “Voice of India” winner who drown under mysterious circumstances in a swimming pool in Male, India. Male is in the Maldives. He had gone there from his hometown of Punjab on a promotional gig for his music contract. The name of the hotel where he was staying is the Chaaya Island Dhonveli.

Ishmeet Singh Biography

As a biography, he won the ‘Voice of India’ singing competition in November 2007, beating out Harshit in a close vote. He was also a contestant on Jeeta Wohi Superstar, another singing competition in India. He was eliminated in that show only one month ago, in June 2008. Read more here.

Singh was born in Ludhiana on November 24, 1989. He was attending college as a Sophomore.

About singing, he left this memorable quote for posterity. “Every moment, every day has been memorable. Since the day this experience has started, every moment has been so special. It has changed my life, and for the better.

To further his biography, Ishmeet is a Sikh which makes him a highly unusual winner of a reality television show in India. What he said about this problem of prejudice:

“That people from Sikh background only get so far in these competitions. So as a Sikh, and a singer I wanted to try and see how far I could reach. I think my victory here can help remove the tag that Punjabi singers can only sing Punjabi songs well. I deliberately chose not to sing too many Punjabi songs in the competition; most of my performances were in Hindi.”

In the videos below he is performing “Ab Mujhe Raat Din” and “Sawariya” on Indian TV. The second video is from the finals.

Ishmeet SinghIshmeet SinghIshmeet Singh
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