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Natalie Portman In Carmensita

Natalie Portman stars in her boyfriend, Devendra Banhart’s Bollywood inspired music video. It is the first music video for the Folk Rocker and Devendra really shows off his cheeky side. In the video “Carmensita,” Devendra plays a prince who uses his snake shooting eyes, and “rebellious beard” to save the beautiful princess. The video is filled with trippy special effects and funny subtitles, such as:

  • Grandma! I love you in a salad way!
  • Crystal bubbles will cremate our troubles!
  • Have you forgotten the alphabet of desire?

  • I will release the fire of pain trapped inside my body and immolate myself.
  • Check out “Carmensita” after the jump and let me know your thoughts on Natalie Portman’s Bollywood skills.

    Carmensita Music Video