Reality show hottie Kim Kardashian said in an interview to PEOPLE magazine that she’s two months pregnant and engaged to NFL star boyfriend Reggie Bush… well, only to startle him!

Kim Kardashian white party

“I’m about two months pregnant right now and we’re getting married on August 8th of 2008.” Obviously she was kidding, but she scared Reggie there for a second!

Later in the interview, Kardashian’s response to the question of would she one day like to have kids and get married was, “Yes, of course. I’d love to get married.”

Kim hosted a white party at The White House, a sprawling nightclub in Hampton Bays. She was looking pretty chick in a form-fitting white dress by Herve Leger.

“White is actually one of my favorite colors. I have a white car. I love white. When the opportunity came up to be in the Hamptons – I’d never been in the Hamptons before – and to host a white party at the White House, it just seemed right.”

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