Priyanka Chopra in Love Story 2050

Actress Priyanka Chopra has been given a complete make-over for her new movie ‘Love Story 2050‘. The lovely lady has donned a red wig for her character which closely resembles that of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.

But then… anything for boyfriend Harman Baweja! He is making his debut with this movie.

Guess what, Harman’s sister Rowena is the person behind Priyanka’s make-over, inspired by a portrait of a woman painted by Rowena herself.

Rowena said, “While we were at the scripting stage, I decided to draw out the two characters that Priyanka would be seen in the film. The first one is a traditional woman and she is partly hidden because her full personality is only visible when she is transformed into the modern day persona. And the hip, svelte woman is actually Priyanka in real life.”

Meanwhile, missing from the scene for quite some while with ‘Salaam E Ishq‘ being her last major release, Priyanka has now scored a hat trick with three of her movies, ‘Love Story 2050′, ‘God Tussi Great Ho‘ and ‘Chamku‘, set to release in 2008.

She is also starring in a movie by Vishal Bhardwaj opposite Shahid Kapoor.

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Photo source: Google News, Indiatimes