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Looks like Sanjay Dutt is having the time of his life… now that he’s out of the prison. Well, I certainly know, even before also he’s used to live life the king size!

The buzz is that Sanjay recently got a new Ferrari. Not that he doesn’t own one… but he’s got the latest one now! It’s a red Ferrari with 599 GTB Enro engine.

The actor has been spotted zooming around Bandra’s by lanes in his new acquisition for over two weeks now.

Not only on the car, but he also splurged some decent money on the number plate also, which reads ‘4545’. The other cars that he owns are a Porsche, a black Mercedes, a Lexus and a good-old BMW.

Meanwhile, Sanjay has turned singer for an upcoming flick on underworld. He has sung a song for the movie ‘C Kkompany‘. The song is slated to be the title track of the film.

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