Tashan 2

Yash Raj Production’s much-hyped movie Tashan was finally released in multiplexes around the country., two days back. It’s a different issue that sales won’t be picking up even in those posh complexes.

Though Kareena continues to rule the box office while netting almost four films opposite all the ‘Khans’ of the industry, Tashan seems to have bombed. The film was released on April 25 in theatres other than multiplexes and met with unfavorable response.

“Sometimes the makebelief of the mainstream seems a little plastic to me. What happens to my characters in Tashan is extraordinary. But I wanted them to be part of a believable world. Tashan is not for the lily-livered,” says director Vijay Krishna Acharya.

Lenders like Exim Bank and IDBI felt the hit had hurt revenue projections made by production houses and even the media. But at least, they were convinced by the producers, multiplex-owners were not. The opening collections had been so poor… that people have started questioning such multi-starrer movies.

The movie wasn’t but Kareena looked quite hot!

To be totally honest, it was a challenge that Kareena took on herself. She probably took up the challenge of doing a Kate Moss.

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