While everyone is pretty excited the release of the much awaited sequel to the acclaimed hit film Sarkar by Ram Gopal Varma, I found out about the real USP of the movie… which differs it from it’s super-hit prequel.

Sarkar Raj 2
Sarkar Raj: What’s Different?

Sarkar Raj is an intense political drama and is essentially a study of power; it explores the politics of development, and takes a fresh look at the tradition versus modernity debate.

It’s been said that though Sarkar was inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s film The Godfather, but the sequel will be completely original. The movie is a first, starring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, post their much publicized marriage.

The story revolves around Shankar(Abhishek) and Anita(Aish) who travel to rural areas of Maharashtra to work upon a power-plant project by Anita’s company, which Nagre(Amitabh) doesn’t think much of.

I think, much of the hype is only because of the presence of all the Bachchans in the movie. It would definitely be interesting to see the on-screen chemistry shared by Abhi-Aish.

We also hear that film-maker Ram Gopal Verma is already blogging about his movie!

“I have put up my official profile and I am in process to post my Blogs, Videos and pictures which I want my fans to see. I hope this would be a unique experience for us to interact upon.” says he.

The movie is set to be premiered in Bangkok on 6th June.

More pictures and Sarkar Raj trailer are below.

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Sarkar Raj Photos

Sarkar Raj Trailer