Madhuri Dixit

The buzz over the real reason for Madhuri’s comeback seems to be over. Madhuri accepted in a recent interview that she was inspired by Kajol.

“My kids Aryan and Ryan were 2 and a half and 4 and a half when I decided that now I could do something for me. Coincidentally, it was at that time only that I got an offer from Yash Raj Films, and the best part was that it suited me to a T. As you said, it is a comeback for me, so it comes with responsibilities too. But recently Kajol made her comeback [with YRF’s Fanaa] and I must say that was an inspiration for me.”

Madhuri will make the biggest comeback in Bollywood when “Aaja Nachle” hits screens worldwide on Friday.

About her character, she says, “The character I play is called Diya. She is extremely strong and very independent. She actually elopes with someone she falls in love with and leaves the village to try and make a life for herself in New York.
She is a choreographer and a mother who makes a life for herself in an unknown country. When she has to come back to her village to see her dying guru, she faces many problems.”

Now since such a huge film is going to release, controversy is set to follow.
There’s a talk in the industry that “Aaja Nachle” is very similar to a Brazilian film “Xuxa Requebra“.
However director Anil Mehta claims that they did not deliberately set out to do a remake. But he claims that if his film is similar to another film, he has no qualms.

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