Looks like, like us even Lindsay is fed up of watching her Razzi-awarded movies and falling into controversies relating to her dad all the time. She’s understood she needs to move on… that’s why she’s giving her ‘paused’ music career another shot.

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Lindsay is currently working on her third music album with Motown records. Well that’s not the weird part of the news. She is actually working with hip-hop lord Snoop dogg and Timbaland, for the new release!

Though, I like Snoop very much… but doesn’t it sound a bit whacky??

Among her collaborators is Snoop Dogg, who has cut a track with Lindsay that insiders say sounds “amazing.” UMG is sparing no expense on this recording, bringing in all the usual suspects like Timbaland and Pharrell to make a good record for the rehabbed and revived Lindsay.

The girl’s definitely giving her music career a nice makeover!

Meanwhile, Fox also reports that Lindsay’s little sister is also in the studios these days recording her own music album!

Looks like lil’ sis doesn’t want to be under the shadow of her ‘superstar’ older sister and she’s learnt that pretty early… at the age of 14!

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