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Seems like Bollywood actors are not that far behind from their Hollywood counterparts. At least, they think so.

Recently, Salman Khan demanded Rs.50 crore ($12.5m) for a movie to be produced by TV 18 network. Everyone was pretty shocked when he announced he won’t settle for even a rupee less!

When asked about the reason… he didn’t comment on anything.

But, an insider told us that when Salman heard about Akshay Kumar getting Rs.40 crore for a movie, he though that he should be getting more than this, given his stardom and the time he’s spent in the industry, which is far more than Akshay.

Well, that’s true Salman is senior to Akshay Kumar, but look at the guy’s record!

Akshay did four movies last year and all of them were hits. Surely, producers have taken note of this thing. Even his recently released movie Tashan is going great guns. He’s bound to get the top pay in the industry!

In contrast, Salman too gave four movies last year… out of which only Partner did well on the box office, rest of them fell flat on the ground.

Salman should give this a good thought and act likewise. These kind of attitude will only bring his repute down and get producers all tensed which is surely not good for him if he wants to work on good scripts.

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