While Shah Rukh talks about what kind of producer he is, Vidya talks about Shah Rukh himself!

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Week’s top five celeb quotes-

Kareena Kapoor 1

“I can’t be the bubbly Kareena in all my films.

My directors can come to me with both kinds of parts, I can deliver.

But I refuse to be a lamp post in any film beside a big male star.”

Kareena Kapoor on her range as an actor.

Shahrukh Khan

“I only work with producers who put their money where their mouth is.

If I’m making a film, I won’t think twice about blowing up a Rolls Royce. I would love to blow up five of them in my film, if required.

But if am buying a watch worth even a lakh-and-a-half rupees for our personal use.”

Shahrukh Khan on the kind of film producer he is.

Kunal Kapoor

“Why should anybody mind being linked with me?

I am good looking, sexy, talented, emotional, intelligent and a very modest person”

Kunal Kapoor on his link-ups.

Vidya Balan 1

“Om Shanti Om has Shahrukh and I can’t be objective about him.

He’s so charming.

But I’ve done just two special appearances with him.”

Vidya Balan on Shah Rukh Khan.

Bipasha Basu

Our Bollywood babes Bipasha, Priyanka and Katrina have a lot of interesting things to say this week…

“I am glad that I don’t stay in Kolkata forever.

I would’ve become a plump rosgolla by now.”

Bong Bombshell Bipasha Basu is glad to be away from the sweets of Kolkata