Yash Raj’s new movie Tashan has been much hyped than it really is. It was said that lead actress Kareena Kapoor will appear in bikini in some of the shots… but now that the movie is out, we know it was just a publicity stunt.

Though Kareena didn’t appear in a bikini but she did look fabulous in those skimpy outfits and with that well-toned figure, she has worked hard for in the last few months.

Kareena flaunted her well-shaped butt and washboard abs. Not just that, a sun tan seems to have added to her sexy look as well.


The picture you’re seeing above is the actual still people are saying as ‘Kareena’s bikini shot’ and that how cinema is ‘coming out of age in India’. Well… decide for yourself if that is what you call a bikini!

The itsy-bitsy (green, no polka dots) ‘bikini’ comes in a song-and-dance routine — “I flirt, I trick, I cheat,” she sings — but is quickly replaced by other revealing getups. The halter top and short-shorts combos make you wonder, why all the fuss about that bikini?

Anyways… I think more than the ‘bikini’, the hype was because of the on-going relationship between Kareena and Saif, the lead actor in the movie.

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