There is a Shahrukh Khan sex video circulating on the internet, taken from one of his first movies… way back in 1993.

Shahrukh is seen making out with a little known actress Deepa Sahi during the shooting of a movie ‘Maya Memsaab’. the interesting fact is that the director of the movie was Deepa’s husband Ketan Mehta!

That scene contained nude sequence and on the female leads private part at the bottom was covered by linen. And SRK’s Back and deepa bosom was clearly visible.

Well… I’ve seen the video and it’s no doubt the same as they say! Watch it here at your own discretion.

This video is spreading like a wildfire and will definitely haunt Shahrukh, who is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars and a respectable married man today.

What else? Shahrukh has got a new job as the owner of an IPL cricket team. During these times, when his team is winning all the matches and his films are breaking all sorts of records… I wonder what this video will bring to him.

When Deepa was contacted she admitted that this scene might have been taken from the original DVD and was circulated in the internet.

Shahrukh was unavailable for comments.

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