IndiaFM recently conducted a poll and ranked ‘Tashan‘ as most sought-after release of the year. The movie is certainly making waves in the industry before it’s release.

It’s as hot as Saif Ali Khan’s relationship with Kareena Kapoor, and with Akshay Kumar stacking one hit on another, plus Anil Kapoor in the cast, Tashan seems set to live up to its reputation.

The movie is a mix of blockbuster star-cast and an amazing story.

Besides the relationship of Saif and Kareena… the USP of the movie is the return of Akshay Kumar as the action-master, as he used to be in the hit series of ‘Khiladi‘ films, a decade back.

Akshay Kumar sets off on this Bollywood road trip movie that will have audiences gasping for breath and clinging to their seats.

Ask Kareena and she says it’s her biggest movie till date. About her role:

My character name Is Pooja Singh in the film, She is a complex character. It’s very different for a girl to play, I have never played a role like this before basically following her emotions, doing the right thing but ofcourse very sharp at the same time.

Well, everyone would definitely be looking forward to the movie’s release on the 25th April.

More pictures and trailer below.

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Tashan Photos

Tashan Trailer