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Sweet-looking actress Amrita Rao is no longer single! Main Hoon Naa fame Amrita is dating Pakistani rocker Goher Mumtaz.

Well, if you don’t know who this dude is… you might remember the famous band ‘Jal‘. Goher is the lead guitarist for the band and happens to write all the lyrics for their hugely popular songs.

The two happened to have shot a video recently for the band’s latest song.

Take a clue:

Amrita says, “Since the song is all about how ‘Love Sparks’ between 2 individuals, the music video is based on a love story, where two youngsters – an upcoming rock star falls in love with an aspiring actress and their love rekindles over a meeting in future as established stars in their respective fields – music and acting and walk down the memory lane hand in hand once again.’’


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Love apparently blossomed on the sets and it doesn’t look like she is denying it either!

As Amrita Rao quoted, “Truth has its own way of revealing.”

It’s also reported that Goher makes frequent visits to Mumbai and the duo have been spotted at the hot-spots of the city. Since, you know, Amrita is as it is… not doing much on the professional front. She uses all her free time to be with the guy.

Apparently, Amrita and Goher are also doing an ice-cream commercial, where a source says:

“The couple had eyes only for each other. After a take they’d sort of snuggle up near the monitor to see how the shot was and would keep blushing as they’d look into each other’s eyes! Their off-screen chemistry was for everyone to see and no it was definitely not confined to the video!”

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