Salman And Katrina

It seems like Salman and Katrina are having troubles in their relationship.
Some have even rumored of a split-up!

The reason cited is that Salman has stopped Katrina during her shoots in Australia for “Singh Is King“, which is said to be unusual, looking at his past record.

Apparently, the trouble started ever since Salman started interfering in Katrina’s professional life, and dictating terms to her.

He was upset when Katrina informed him that she is doing a film with Shahid Kapoor, to be directed by Raj Kumar Santoshi.

Salman has been the original controversy’s child in Bollywood and had always made headlines whether because of his accidents or relationships. There have been incidents of him threatening other stars (read: Vivek Oberoi) with whom Aishwarya was linked to, after his much hyped breakup with her. So, may be it’s his possessiveness which may be the cause.

There have been many reports earlier of the two on the verge of a break-up, when Salman appeared with a friend at IFFA Awards and Katrina came alone.

There’s no news from Katrina’s end about the alleged break-up… but speculation’s are rife!

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