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Artie Lange, a mainstay figure on the Howard Stern Stow, resigned Thursday after an argument with his personal assistant Teddy on the air. Artie has been on the show since 2001.

The argument apparently began over travel accommodations for Artie and Teddy’s scheduled trip to Amsterdam this evening.

Ultimately, Lange became furious and even physically lashed at Teddy, even throwing a glass of water all over the studio.

Stern said he could not condone Lange’s actions and Lange said he could not guarantee it wouldn’t happen again and offered his resignation. Just before walking out Lange said “I’m not a good person … I gotta leave … I love you”

Teddy also offered to resign but Stern said it wasn’t a solution. Now, since the crew on a vacation for a week… we won’t be knowing what followed, for at least a while.

Well, Lange can’t be fully ignored given his history. These things have happened with him in the past. After he served a short jail term and successfully completed a drug rehabilitation program, comedian Norm MacDonald offered him a part in the 1998 movie Dirty Work. While promoting the movie, McDonald brought Lange to The Howard Stern Show.

But then, no matter how bad he is… people do love him and would like to see him back. Let’s see what happens.

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