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Shocking news came just now, when Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt claimed that Manyata, to whom he reportedly got married two months ago, is not his legal wife! It’s interesting that Sanjay has been fighting a case to validate his marriage, all that time.

Challenging the allegations of bigamy levelled by Manyata’s first husband Meraj Rehman, an under-trial, the couple has claimed there was no material to show the validity of their marriage in the eyes of law.

“She’s not my wife, we just live together.”

It’s quite unusual that Manyata wears a mangalsutra and bright-red sindoor on her forehead. But for all legal purposes, actor Sanjay Dutt and Manyata are not a married couple and are simply “staying together”.

Earlier Dutt and Manyata have challenged the legality of the magistrate’s order stating that their alleged marriage at Goa “is a nullity” and “as such there is no material to show that they are validly married in the eyes of the law”.

The couple told the court that as Manyata was Muslim, her Hindu marriage ceremony to Dutt, a Hindu, could not be valid.

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