Leona Lewis

British pop singer Leona Lewis seems to have finally arrived on the world stage. The X-factor winner Leona is making a name for herself in the U.S. with her hot new single, “Bleeding Love,” off her debut album Spirit.

Essentially, Lewis had done to the European pop charts what Napoleon did to the Continent in the 19th century: lay waste to its spoils and enslave its soul.

She’s already been called ‘The next Mariah Carey”!

Lewis was born in the London district of Islington. Her Guyanese father and Welsh mother, now both social workers, juggled several jobs to support their daughter’s performing-arts education. She was most inspired by the music her father played around the house when he wasn’t working part-time as a DJ.

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About the album title, she says, “I put everything in the songs, so it represents who I am. I thought Spirit was a very powerful title and summed up all I put into the album.”

There is no question the 23-year-old can sing. She has tremendous range and vocal strength, as well as the ability to pull off high notes that some people find appealing while others.

Leona recently appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show… and with the release of Spirit on April 8, she’ll only get bigger.

As Simon Cowell says:

”I could just see the effect that she had on the audience. I thought, This girl’s not just going to be big in England. This girl is going to be a hit all over the world.”

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