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K-Swiss placed a picture of sexy tennis player, Alona Bondarenko in Tennis Magazine with the slogan “Keep it Pure”. And believe me… Alona is a ‘pure’ beauty!

Born in Ukrain and ranked 23 worldwide, Alona Bondarenko literally stopped thousands of readers for a minute or so… just to look at this amazing photo.

For the first five seconds, I was starring at that stomach. For the second five seconds, I was starring at the rest of her body. Then I was trying to figure out if that was now retired Anna Kournikova, who K-Swiss has hired, or Alona Bondarenko, the 23rd-ranked player in the world who you’ve likely never heard of.

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It’s sad, Alona is ‘unheard of’… but, things might be changing for this hot little girl who won the 2008 Australian Open women’s doubles tournament with sister Kateryna.

She’s even got her own website! Though the language is greek to me… you can check out if you know it.

The new ads for K-Swiss feature tennis players Tommy Hass, Alona Bondarenko and Anna Kournikova as well as some others.

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