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Jennifer Aniston is reportedly planning to adopt a baby boy by December. A friend of Aniston claims that she is tired of waiting to find a husband and start a family, so she has decided to begin one by herself!

“The timing could be better. Her career is in high gear, she has wonderful friends, and she’s never felt better physically and emotionally,” said the insider.

So will Jennifer follow the lead of her pal Sheryl Crow and adopt?

Well, National Enquirer thinks so… and they have her on their latest cover holding a baby boy.

The screaming cover headline reads, “Baby for Jen! She’s adopting an it’s a boy.”

Jen is so keen she’s having her Beverly Hills mansion baby-proofed for a tot that may not even have been born yet, and has built a $300,000 nursery.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has formed a new production company with Kristin Hahn. According to Variety, the new production company will be called Echo.

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