Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes emerged with yet another short new ‘do on Tuesday. It’s reported that after a string of box office bombs, Mrs. Tom Cruise may be headed to Broadway to star in a revival of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons.”

Sure, her original bob was spot-on and a major inspiration to women wanting to chop off their own locks. But it seems she’s stuck in the vicious cycle short-haired women know all too well.

The Batman Begins actress is said to be in final negotiations to join John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest in Arthur Miller’s post-World War II show, with British newspaper reports claiming she has signed on to begin in May, while Fox News denies so.

Holmes would play Ann Deever, a 28-year-old woman whom Miller described as the truth-sayer of the piece.

Katie Holmes3

While many have tried to put the things into perspective after Katie was spotted with her new ‘tomboy’ look… Washington Post has an interesting reason:

Katie Holmes is slowly being subsumed by Tom Cruise. The longer she’s in his presence, the shorter her hair (and her chances for a viable career) gets.

And this isn’t the first time Katie’s hair has attracted attention. Last year, Katie had her flowing girl-next-door tresses trimmed into a soft bob, later sharpening the look with a heavy fringe.

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