Robin Williams

Just now I posted about Robin Williams dating a 27-year old girl Charlotte Filbert. Nobody seemed to have any idea about who Charlotte Filbert is. But, I guess I’ve found out about the girl… on her website! Ya, Charlotte Filbert owns a website and it was obviously easy!

As reported earlier, Charlotte Filbert is a Connecticut artist and she specializes in modern art. She’s a new generation painter.

According to her website, she knew from the age of 5 that she was gonna become a painter and has been devoted to the profession (or hobby) since then. Charlotte has lived in 6 states and currently resides in ‘a quaint coastal town of Connecticut’.

Charlotte received her Bachelor of Studio Arts from the college of Santa Fe, New Mexico and is better known for her use of bold colour.

Well, she is the news right now not because of her paintings but the new man in her life… the great Hollywood actor Robin Williams. The 56-year-old funnyman met Charlotte six months ago through designer Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter Ally.

She kinda looks cute to me. The old man must really be enjoying his fame!