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Joe Jonas and Chelsea Staub Dating!

It’s reported that Joe Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers, is dating Chelsea Staub. Chelsea is Joe’s co-star in his upcoming series ‘J.O.N.A.S.’. She is better known for her show ‘Bratz‘.

The “Hold On” heartthrob was spotted biking around town with his brothers in Santa Monica yesterday before taking a shopping trip with the lucky girl.

Holding hands and smiling at each other, Joe and Chelsea Staub made their way around the Third Street Promenade (an outdoor shopping area three blocks from the beach). They even shared a bag of chips.

Well… just because someone took a picture of them together might not mean they’re dating… they seem to be good friends and I think she’s better for Kevin!

But whatever… I’m glad if they’re dating, still a cute couple!

Jonas brother Nick Jonas dated Miley Cyrus back in December.

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