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Sarah Larson: Racy Party Photos!

George Clooney‘s girlfriend Sarah Larson had a pretty wild night at a Las Vegas party. Sarah Larson racy party photos have hit the internet which were taken a while back in July and show her in her raunchiest of positions!

“Sarah is outgoing and fun and loves to drink. She likes to get wasted when she goes out — but hey, that’s what Vegas is all about!”

Sarah is seen wearing a short dress and has her legs wrapped around a man holding her up against a wall in the middle of a crowded Vegas nightclub.

The next day, Sarah, who appears to be drunk — is pictured wearing a bikini at a huge, outdoor pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, kneeling on all fours with her backside in the air as she licks the cover of a magazine lying on the ground. She’s also shown rolling around on the floor as she wrestles a bikini-clad blonde!

This girl really knows how to have fun with men and women alike!

The good thing is that these pics of her were taken before she met George Clooney.

“That’s our Sarah!” says the source. “She’s not shy in the slightest. She loves hamming it up and is never embarrassed. That’s the Sarah everyone in Vegas remembers, not the girl dressed in Valentino minding her manners for the cameras with George at the Oscars!”

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