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Jessica Cutler-Kristin “Billie” Davis Linked

Former DC vixen and blogger Jessica Cutler has been linked to Manhattan madame Kristin “Billie” Davis in a fresh investigation by NYPD. Jessica Cutler is a former congressional staff assistant for former Senator Mike DeWine, who published a short-lived blog called Washingtonienne describing her life in Washington, D.C., USA, including the details of her active sex life.

Four years after her blog “Washingtonienne” shocked the Capitol with salacious details of sex with married sugar daddies, Jessica Cutler has re-appeared as a “model” on alleged madam Kristin “Billie” Davis’ Web site.

Well, Kristin “Billie” Davis is also a famous name these days after she was said to have ‘serviced’ former NY Guv. Eliot Spitzer, personally in the in-famous case.

What happened was… during the Wicked Models investigation, police found Cutler in a picture with Davis on Davis’ MySpace page. The same picture was also on the Wicked Models website. She is seen partying with the madam.

Police thinks there might be some connection between a prostitute who serviced a governor and a former DC employee who wrote about her private sexual encounters with married Bush officials in a blog.

Which might as well be true!

Later, Jessica took off her clothes for a Playboy photographer, and got a book advance, and apparently wrote a book about this fascinating experience. Though nobody bought it and she went broke… calling for PayPal donations.

It will be interesting to see what’s the outcome of this case, now that Jessica’s name has been involved.

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