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Piers Morgan: Celebrity Apprentice Winner!

Former British newspaper editor Piers Morgan is the new Celebrity Apprentice Winner. Piers Morgan defeated Trace Adkins tonight at the close of the two-hour season finale of the NBC program. No doubt, Trace Adkins was the clear favourite, but Donald Trump made the decision in favour of Piers.

The Donald gives each of them a chance to make their final plea before making his decision. “Trace,” he says, “I’ll always love you. But for tonight, Piers, you’re the Celebrity Apprentice.”

This season the winner couldn’t really be Trump’s apprentice, of course, considering Morgan already has a job and the point of this inaugural edition of the Mark Burnett-produced competition show, its seventh cycle overall, was to raise money for the stars’ respective charities.

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More than $1 million was raised through the various tasks the 14 B-listers were asked to perform, ranging from peddling tickets to Broadway musicals to dressing windows to showcase Vera Wang mattresses.

Country singer Trace Adkins performed his latest single, “You’re Gonna Miss This.”

Besides from being a former editor for News Of The World, Piers Morgan is also credited as author of eight books. He is known in the United States as a judge on the NBC show America’s Got Talent.

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