Aamir khan

The latest buzz is that Aamir Khan has started smoking again after quitting it a few years ago.

Because he has some personal problems and the stress of his new film “Tare Zameen Par” is killing him!

Aamir admits that he is harassed and overworked with the new film releasing on December 21. And he is only thinking, sleeping, breathing his movie.

Speaking about smoking he says, “It’s bad news that I have begun smoking. The good news, however, is that I have a New Year’s resolution in place.

There’s no doubt that sometimes celebs are overworked because of their new projects… but smoking isn’t the only resort! He definitely made a lot of new fans by quitting smoking before and that only showed his will-power. But why start again??

Smoking is a big turn-off for many people including die-hard fans… SRK was even sued by a NGO for smoking during a cricket match which allegedly brought bad publicity to the game!
And Aamir has a far better image than most of the actors in Bollywood, right from his debut in “Quyamat Se Quyamat Tak“.

Let’s hope he gets over the stress and the tension disturbing him and concentrate on the release of his latest flick.

Aamir with wife Kiran Aamir with Boman and Diya Mirza Aamir khan Aamir khan