Reality show star Kendra Wilkinson surely has giant boobs and she’s ready to show them off whenever she can!

The Girls Next Door star was wearing a pink top recently which was literally ‘falling off’ because of those huge cans.

Add to that the fact that Kendra’s top is falling off, and logic and reason go straight out the window. Seriously, though, Kendra Wilkinson is pretty damn cute (in that she’s so blonde and dumb kind of way), and she looks really good in that top.

Kendra recently hosted a pool party and spent the evening dining, dancing, and kicking back in the Pool’s luxurious cabanas. She even ‘got time’ to hop in the hot tub. Her dress was so short – her hemline was a good foot above the water level!

Kendra Wilkinson is best known as one of the three live-in girlfriends of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Wilkinson lives in her own room in Hefner’s mansion with her dogs, Rascal and Martini. In 2006, she appeared in the Playboy Special Editions Sexy 100.

She is coming out with her own clothing line, Kdub Clothing.