Maia Campbell In A Mental Hospital!

Maia Campbell is currently staying in a mental hospital in California. Word is that the hospital diagnosed her as bipolar and schizophrenic and is holding her for treatment.

Maia is best known for starring opposite LL Cool J in the TV series “In The House“.

She used to be a pretty actress, but in recent years, she had her fair share of low-downs.
First it was the release of her photos and then her video in which she sang one of Ashanti’s songs on crack cocaine.

That time, many of her fans tried to help her by raising concern over her condition… but I guess, it got worse with time.

This might not be a surprising news for many people who called her mad and wanted her to be admitted to a hospital after all those pictures and video leaks, she was accused of stealing her friend’s jeep.
She was even said to have sex for drugs!

Maia Campbell was like held up so high and great things were supposed to happen for her. May she leave the reckless path of drugs, she’s on right now, and put together all the broken pieces and start a new life.

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