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Britney Spears Shoots Herself!! OMG!

Ya, you heard it right! Troubled pop singer Britney Spears shot herself on the latest South Park episode! But… no she’s not dead.. Britney just got a ‘new look’.

I just watched the latest South Park season 12 episode and it couldn’t be funnier!

It showed Britney shooting herself in the head when she didn’t get to see her kids, besides Eric cartman showed up with his friends to take her pics.

I know… I’m kidding but people are really interested in this thing! Britney has sort of become a phenomenon in the great country of United States. The episode also showed a photog getting a hundred thousand dollars just for the photos of her pissing on a ladybug! It’s not reality but all I’m trying to say is the depiction of this kind is not speaking hypothetically. Every move she takes is literally important to scores of paparazzi.

The life and times of the beleaguered pop star got even more cartoonish Wednesday night, when Spears was given the full-on South Park treatment, with her animated alter ego suffering through a botched suicide attempt and, ultimately, death by camera flash.


What’s interesting was that her ‘new look’ was Britney with half of her head, cut.

Only after the headless Spears lies lifeless on the field does the group agree “it’s time…to leave the poor girl alone.”

Think over it and have your say.

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