Kristen Davis

Kristin Davis Sex Pics Get Hotter!

Forget the Kristin sex tape, the rumour has it that there are over twenty sex pics available online.

Kristin Davis, one of the stars of TV hit “Sex and the City“, has been all over the Internet recently after it was reported that there is a sex tape of her available online. But, now we have pictures.

The sex pics, believed to be around 5 years old, were allegedly taken by an ex-boyfriend and are now being shopped by a California broker.

Kristin’s rep denies that the pictures are of her and insists that there is no sex tape.

“This is not a photo of Kristin Davis,” said a rep for Kristin Davis in an interview with TMZ. “There is no sex tape.”

The amount of hype this story is generating is enormous and the possibility of these pictures being that of Kristin, cannot be ruled out. But, I have seen the pics and I’m seriously… not sure.

It looks like her, but the head looks photoshopped on and breasts look pretty out-of-shape!

Sex and the City” has been off the air for 5 years and Davis’ career has focused on mainly family friendly fare such as starring in Disney’s remake of “The Shaggy Dog” and the holiday movie “Deck the Halls.” However, with Davis scheduled to star in the “Sex and the City” movie this May, there is bound to be some buzz.

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