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May Pang Pictures John Lennon (Photos)

May Pang, personal assistant of former Beatle John Lennon, pictures Lenon in a new book.

The book, completely written by May Pang, Instamatic Karma, basically describes the “Lost Weekend’ period of John’s life from 1973-1975, when he was with May after his marriage with wife Yoko Ono went into trouble. The interesting part is it was Yoko only who ‘encouraged’ Lennon to be with May!

They spent time together in Los Angeles and New York, described later by Lennon as his “lost weekend” – before the star unexpectedly returned to Ono.

Thirty-three years later, Pang is promoting a book of intimate snaps she took during her fling with Lennon – and recounting memories of their time together. She also goes on to say that John never wanted to re-unite with Ono and had started divorce proceedings five years before his death.

John Lenon

Although many Beatles fans are already calling Pang an opportunist, the truth is that this material gives us greater insight into this period of Lennon’s life.

While everyone believes that Lennon wasted that period by doing nothing, May Pang, now 57, is surprised by these statements, because she says that during those years he completed 3 albums: “Mind Games”, “Walls and Bridges” and “Rock n Roll”, besides working on other projects.

The new book, called “Instamatic Karma”, is basically a 140-page collection of pictures.

“I began to think about publishing them just in the last couple of years,” Ms. Pang said on Monday at her publisher’s office in the Flatiron Building. “A friend of mine kept saying, ‘You tell all these stories about John, and when you do, you say, “Wait a minute, I have a photo to go along with that!”

May Pang is currently a photographer, artist and jewelry designer and lives in New York.

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