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Lorenzo Lamas Daughter Shayne Lamas In ‘Bachelor’

Shayne Lamas, the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, is all set to woo the ‘Bachelor’!

Shayne is one of twenty-five women competing for Matt Grant, who is prized bachelor on ABC’s The Bachelor: London Calling. She is although a ‘B’ grade actress but is better known as the daughter of one of the hunkiest actors in Hollywood, Lorenzo Lamas.

Shayne Lamas, 22, who has appeared on “General Hospital” and three unheard-of movies – most recently as “red bikini girl” in something called “Endless Bummer” – hopes to be the winner of the dating show, which this season will feature the first British bachelor, Matt Grant.

27-year-old Matt Grant is a global financier from London, who is the first international Bachelor.

Shayne’s dad, Lorenzo, who was best known for his days on “Falcon Crest” was recently seen on the “Bold and the Beautiful“. He has since appeared in at least three major motion pictures, including upcoming “30,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

The Bachelor” has managed to hang on to a piece of ABC’s primetime schedule for nearly seven years even though no bachelor has ever married the girl he chose at the end of the show.

“Bachelorette” Trista Rehn and fireman Ryan Sutter did get – and stay – married after the show, however.