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Jason Preston-Marc Jacobs Break Up… Again!

Marc Jacobs and his former escort and bareback porn star boyfriend, Jason Preston, are calling it quits. Again.

On Sunday night, Jason Preston shocked everyone at his weekly Sunday night party at Porky’s by showing up with Erik Rhodes on his arm. Rhodes is the porn star who was sleeping with Preston’s boyfriend, designer Marc Jacobs.

A source very close to Jason and Marc tells us that Page Six got the story all wrong. Evidently both Preston and Jacobs were screwing Rhodes.

“Jason and Marc have both bragged about hooking up with Erik at the same time,” our source revealed.


Whatever it may be, it’s believed that Preston showed up with Rhodes only to make Marc jealous of them. The dueling duo had a fight on a trip they took together to Turks and Caicos a week ago.

“They fought nonstop screaming matches. The usual,” said a spy. The fighting apparently got so bad that the couple took some time apart and flew home separately on private jets back to New York.

Back then, when Jason Preston busted out his forearm as a billboard of free advertising for his boyfriend Marc Jacobs, everybody cooed and gurgled over their cutie pie relationship, which Marc described was more over than pashmina shawls.

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