Movie goers are readying up for the biggest post-Diwali release today – “Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal“.

But the reviews have come, and seems like it’s just your average sports film… nothing special! I’m sorry to all John’s fans but don’t worry it’s still worth watching, given the unique concept based on football.

As expected, people are comparing it with ‘Chak De India’, another sports based film, which definitely made waves in the Box Office.

The story is the same old one… a troubled English football cub gets a new hero, rejected by another due to racial issues, and gets going under guidance from a good coach.
The runtime of the movie is almost 2 hours and 45 mins and as typical of almost all Bollywood films, it’s got an item number also! Maybe producers should award those who can figure out the perfect reason for a football-film to have an item number.

John is said to have performed good but the film apparently lacks the storyline and the killer patriotic impact that made ‘Chak De’ a hit movie.
Anyways, John and Bipasha pairing, combined with a lot of media hype, is still a motivation for a lot of people including their die-hard fan following, to watch the movie.

What I was thinking was wouldn’t it be much better if “Goal” had Christiano Ronaldo with Bipasha?? I hope John’s not listening!

John in the movie John with Bipasha with Arshad Warsi John and Bipasha